The main essence of the Orovica brand is timeless design.

Sophisticated dresses of clean design provide the right outfit for business meetings as well as for occasions like parties or even weddings.

Orovica women are self-aware, they know their talents and challenges. They are real women who like to dress up and boldly show their figures, nevertheless, their style is always delicate and impeccable. Their appearance will be unforgettable without being ostentatious, especially if their dresses and souls are in harmony.

Designer and owner of the brand
(Orovica Szilvia)

woman fashion
Szilvia Orovica

The brand Orovica was established immediately after the designer’s graduation in 2017. Her collections are inspired by real strong women who know what they want, and also they can remain feminine in every situation. Femininity is the real essence of the Orovica brand. The Orovica woman wears elegant, sophisticated pieces, but she always adds a little twist to her appearance. Fashion is also an important part of the designer’s own self-expression , every single piece of her clothes are something that she happy to wear herself.

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